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What to Expect from 123Movies

Apart from the cinemas, now there are dozens of ways to watch the latest movies and one of them is online streaming. So don’t be surprised when hundreds of streaming website come up with a single search on your browser. Only a fraction of these streaming websites is actually legitimate, others likely contain files that could seriously harm your device. You’ll need to spend considerable time visiting and checking one streaming website from the next. We’ll make things a bit easier for you by suggesting 123Movies, an real and user-friendly streaming website.


When you access 123Movies, you’ll immediately see all the latest movies and TV shows displayed on the homepage. Unlike with quality torrents, you won’t have to wait for what seems like months on end with streaming websites. Besides all the movies displayed on their homepage, the most noticeable factor are the ads and how they pop up whenever anything is clicked. These ads are necessary evil because they sponsor the website, without those 123Movies can’t offer free movies to users. Movies could be searched on the search bar if you can’t see the film you like on the homepage or genres.

Once you see the movie that you like, click on the icon and wait for the video to load; there are cam record videos and HD videos, labels are displayed on the upper right corner of the icon. Take note that you can either stream in HD or download in HD. On the bottom half of the page, the movie’s trailer is featured in case you want to get an idea before actually watching it. Alongside the trailer are details about the movie including the genres, stars, rating, release date and a short description of the movie.Comments by other users are left below, they typically describe the quality of the video.