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What Supercell’s Fair Play Commitment Spells For Clash Royale Hack Users?


There has been an unspoken norm about the usage of hacks, mods, bots and tweaks being used along by many in the games these days. In fact, Supercell’s offering of Clash Royale and Clash of Clan are much more affected as a result of these. Many users revert to Clash Royale Hackto get to the top of the list.But adherent to new policies and rules from the Supercell, there is quite a handful of things to take care. We’ll deal with the changes coming in from the Supercell’s kin down below for you. We’ll follow that with answers on why Supercell came forth with the decision. 

Supercell’s New announcement

Supercell has announced that they’ll be following a safe and fair play policy where players using the third party software and abusing the game would fear the risk of being suspended. For players who have been tweaking the game’s economy and getting the gems directly rather than buying them from the game, theaccount will be either warned with suspension hovering around.In the end, thepermanent ban might be the last straw. That might bring a massive ban on the players around. In fact, for those valuing their accounts, they might as well knock it off. 

Why Supercell reached for the new announcement?

For long, players have been modifying or tweaking the game as per their liking with these Clash Royale Hacks. These have been used long for ghost-attacks where the player attacks even when the mandatory attack is cooled down. This system is used by many to keep their winning run going forward and keep their position at the top intact.

The Bottom Line

Well although, Supercell announced their policy but that doesn’t stop anyone from gearing forth with gems and all due to Clash Royale hacks. Clash Royale hacks are a great thing for increasing the gem in your ordeal and might as well continue along even after the announcement from Supercell.

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