Published by Sandra Hook on August 30, 2017

What sets DasCoin Apart from Other Cryptocurrencies

One of the greatest testaments to the advancements in technology, specifically in terms of automation and the internet world would most definitely have to be the introduction of Cryptocurrencies. This is poised to serve as an effective substitute for traditional cash, where your money could be used as a medium for trade in the online world, whichever part of the globe you may be in. With this introduction comes great developments, with the DasCoin Explorer being born. In a nutshell, this is a live blockchain which updates and mines every 5 seconds, much faster than that of others. What are other things that make DasCoin stand out? Let’s find out below.

Extra Fast Transaction Process

From start to end, the total amount of time it could take for BitCoin to process 6 transactions takes one hour on average. For BitCoin, on the other hand, users are able to go through these transactions in a matter of 6 seconds. This allows customers and users of this currency to process their payment transactions fast, and thus be able to shop more.


One of the things that has to be ensured when it comes to anything financial is most definitely the Transparency of it all. Having said that, there already are White Papers that could be found online, where anyone could view.

Flexible and Versatile

The good thing about this cryptocurrency is that it is flexible and versatile, with the DASpay app being available for use. It is poised to serve as an effective substitute for a credit card in the near future. Making transactions with your DasCoins is just as simple as opening an app, which is a far cry from other cryptocurrencies which may require you to make use of a personal computer or laptop, and restrict your shopping to the virtual realm.