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What are the Tools in OddsMonkey?

The oddsmatcher of OddsMonkey compares the odds from around 90 bookmakers and is certainly the best around. However, you do not really need it to do a matched betting. It is not hard to look for something to bet on with so much horse racing and football on every day.

But, there are a lot of people who find them useful. You just need to make sure you vary your bet and do not take the best choice each time. In this OddsMonkey review, we will tackle about some of the other tools that OddsMonkey offers. Here are some of them:

The Eachway Matcher

This is a tool where your membership would begin to pay extras. The truth is that this tool alone is worth easily the £15.00 fee per month.

Eachway matcher is the procedure of placing the separate win and place parts, to generate an assured income regardless of its result. The Eachway Matcher instantly scans the markets and recognizes the horses and races that represent a profitable chance.

There is a preference on the right side of the tool to open a calculator up. The calculator would crunch automatically the numbers and show you precisely how much you require to place on both the win and place parts of your eachway bet.

According to OddsMonkey, this tool has the chance to increase your profits by around £300.00 every month.

The Racing Matcher

Horse racing bets are accessible each day. This makes the Racing Matcher another useful tool to have.

The Racing Matcher tool would list all the races that have an available bet. You just select the race and bet on the race that you are interested in and the tool would list the runners in order of the lowest succeeding loss.