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What Are Eco Slim Drops Made Of?

For any product we intend to use on our bodies, we want to know what it is made of. Some people are allergic to some ingredients that make up those products. It is then very important to turn the cans back and read more of the products we are buying. Getting rashes or other effects can be avoided. The major ingredients of Eco Slim herbal supplement formula include;

Cleavers; it can also be referred to as gallium aparine. These are natural leaves that enable the weight loss process. Cleavers are used for lymphatic system aid as it assists the lymph nodes in taking out toxins. Waste tissues in the body accumulate to be stored as fat which is very difficult to eliminate. With this ingredient in EcoSlim you have nothing to worry about.

Malabar tamarind; this element is known to help reduce appetite which accelerates metabolism in the body facilitating weight loss. It also contains HCA that prevents build up of fat in the body. Serotonin neurotransmitter that is responsible for burning fat and regulating appetite levels is increases by Malabar tamarind.

Dandelion; it is also known as Taraxacum officinalis. It is very efficient in the digestive function as it helps to improve appetite levels. Dandelion is efficient in eliminating liquid waste that majorly contributes to weight loss. When the waste has no water automatically body weight reduces. It can be served as dandelion tea so as to lose weight.

Bladder wrack; this sea weed is an alternative for solving the obesity problem. Consumption of the bladder wrack enhances weight loss in that it stimulates the thyroid gland. Stimulation of thyroid gland ensures automatic weight loss. It has other medicinal values like treatment of joint pain, thyroids, arthritis and constipation.


Those are the main ingredients but there are other minor ingredients. They include turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, licorice, guarana and centaury.