Published by Sandra Hook on August 31, 2017

These Two Teams may miss the Playoffs this year

The NFL Per Season do give a rough idea about the Regular Season,  but this has not been always the case.  The Sports Picks of NFL and the NFL latest news have lot to do with the free Sports picks and Predictions of NFL.  Similarly,  based on different parameters,  these two teams may not qualify for the Playoffs this year.  Any guesses? 

AFC – Miami Dolphins

Are you surprised?  Well,  you must not be.  Ryan Tannehill is already out of the season and Jay Cutler has replaced him.  But, that does not really make up the loss.  Cutler enjoyed a good one season but their quarterback remained retired in the off season.  As a dropback,  he has done well,  but any offensive line strategy can limit him.  This becomes even more significant as Dolphins have lost Brenden Albert too.  Overall,  things do not look encouraging for the Miami Dolphins. 

NFC – Detroit Lions

This looks very obvious choice for the second spot.  If the line up is closely followed,  then you would miss two of their star players.  Left Tackle,  Taylor Decker and Pass Rusher Kerry Hyder are not part of their line up due to injury.  This is disastrous for the lions especially when their performance on strategies are focused.  In the last season,  they failed to create any pressure on the dropback and the quarterback.  Things did not really change for the Lions this season as well.  With the absence of two key players,  they are most likely to be left out of the Playoffs.

However,  NFL is a game of unexpected things.  It is a matter of delivering on the ground,  and both Miami and Detroit can turn things around.  However,  they need to stick to their basics.