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Some Of The Most Vital Concepts About Star Citizen Referral Code

The craze of star citizen is wide spread in all over the world; there are many users who still play this game. It cannot available on PlayStation, but you can enjoy this game on Microsoft windows. In the star citizen, you will get most advanced features and effects which did not see in any multiple battle game. In the begging users need to create an account, while sign-up you need to put the referral code.  These codes are beneficial for players if you want to know about the advantages of referral code then you can visit on

Steps to add your own code

Users just need to fill some information in the form in order to add the own code.

  • In the begging, you need to enter the Title + referral in the given blank box.
  • After that, users name in the “In- Game name” Next, one is your role in the verse and Enter the referral link.
  • Then after, email address in the given column.
  • There is also an option of image upload, by choosing the option of “choose file” you can pick an image. However, the size of the image should be 75×75.
  • Moving further, you can give ratings on the by select the starts.
  • Type a story in the given box and click on “Send”

Users can follow this game on social networking websites

It is fact that this game is popular among the youngsters and they also follow the official page of star citizen on different social networking websites. Furthermore, if you follow the official pages of this game then you will get the regular updates. Even experts and past players of start citizens put their tips and tricks for this game on these pages.