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Small Business Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

For a small business, an impressive and attention grabbing website becomes all the more important. Since small businesses need to try harder to carve a niche for themselves in any competitive industry, they need to ensure that they steer clear of the many common web design mistakes that a rookie is prone to commit.

So what are these small business web design mistakes to avoid? We list out 5 common mistakes that can make all the difference when it comes to make or break a small business.

Stale Content

What is it that converts a visitor in to a potential customer? No matter what others tell you, fresh, interesting and engaging web content is the key to building a popular website design. Old content or copied content makes a visitor think he/she has visited the site before and didn’t find it quite interesting the first time round; and hence will not feel compelled to explore the site and read more about the services/products you have to offer. Additionally, poor content will also negatively impact your Google ranking, which means that your website will not be visible to the targeted audience. Since people cannot find your site easily, they don’t know how good or bad your business really is. Keep content fresh and update it frequently. Also, websites that have more engaging content are more likely to attract new visitors on a regular basis.

Poor Navigation

A website that has great content but poor navigation is equally disastrous. People don’t have a lot of time to waste, so if your website doesn’t allow them to filter content and only read relevant information, they are unlikely to spend more time trying to figure out what your website is all about. A well constructed website will be divided in to relevant sections, each with unique content so that a visitor can easily identify what information is useful. A layered approach with easy navigation is a must for a small business website, and a search tool adds a more professional look and feel to the website.