Published by Sandra Hook on August 1, 2017

Recommendations for Pizzelle Makers

Given the popularity of the Pizzelle in certain parts of the States, and most especially in its country of origin, Italy, and other nearby places, one of the questions you often get to ask would be how this product is made. In order for pizzelles to be made, you would have to make use of a special italian pizzelle maker, which comes with  special pattern, but is most often a circle with a 6-petal flower, or in certain instances, still circular but has grids akin to that of a waffle maker. Having said that, here are some of the best Pizzelle Irons you can readily buy in the market nowadays.

International Pizzelle Pro Express Bake by Chef’s Choice

For just under $40, this Pizzelle Maker allows you to create multiple pizzelles at a single given time, given that this has three embedded patterns. It is also a far cry from other pizzelle irons as it is electric-powered, and comes with a temperature recovery system, and hence does not need to heat back-up between batches. It is also small in size, and comes with a surface that’s non-stick, which prevents the need to do the tedious process of scrubbing and scraping which you would often do in other types of makers. Also, the fact that it’s electric means that it’s temperature-controlled, thus preventing under and over-cooking. The non-stick surface also allows you to create waffles that are healthier as you would not have to use so much oil.

Pizzelle & Pancake Plus by Cuisinart Crepe

If you’re a multi-tasker, then this is the best one for you. Apart from making pizzelle cookies, you could also create tortillas, blintzes, pancakes, crepes, and so much more. It also has mini-cone rollers, a measuring sppon, and even tongs which allows your life to be one which is indeed, much easier.