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Purchasing an Ice Skate from an Ice Skating Store

It’s suggested that a skater buys figure skates from a shop that exclusive deals with figure skating. However, if that isn’t a choice, then take time to read about the various types of skates that are available for purchase.

Refer to a Figure Skating Coach

Before buying a skate, take time to talk to a coach. A figure skating coach might suggest a particular figure skate for an amateur ice skater.

Do not Purchase Inexpensive Skates

A cheap figure skate might bring several buyers. But, you do get what you pay for when it comes to a figure skate.

A rule of thumb in the world of ice skating that is handed on to those new to ice skating is that inexpensive blade and boots sets that are sold at department stores or sporting good shops aren’t just acceptable.

A Used Figure Skate is OK

Oftentimes, a used blade and boot is better than low-quality, cheap new skate. Ensure that the boot properly fits. Make sure also that the used boot has support. The bladed must have a few “sharpening life” left. Do not be scared to ask queries about the used blades or boots.

A Figure Skate Should Fit

Your foot has to properly fit in the boots. There must be no additional space in the boots, specifically in your heel. Your boot must “fit like a glove”.

A New Boot Might Hurt

Know that a great figure skating boot might first hurt you. So, you should expect a period of break-in.

Professional Skaters Separately Purchase Blades and Boots

Almost every figure skater separately purchases blades and boots until recently. There are a lot of top-quality blade and boots. Take your time to get familiar with the available blades and boots.