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ProxyClick’s Dashboard

ProxyClick is one of the leading providers of visitor registration app for iPad in the world. Numerous companies and establishments have hired their quality services and equipment. Some of you own establishments or manage businesses that require visitors to log in. On a daily basis, it becomes tedious and visitors even become a bit irritated even though writing general information like their name or schedules for the day are basically all that’s asked. Before visitors truly become irritated, hire the expertise of ProxyClick.

Proxy Click

Unlike before, visitor lists are not just spreadsheets, they’re not tools that every visitor can use in whenever they check on, insert an updated column of information or add notes. The columns displayed can be customized to show only what is needed.

Saves Information About the Visitor

By saving information about visitors, they don’t have to type everything in all over again during the next visit. Saving certain information will also help provide a more personal and warmer welcome. Let’s say that the visitor said that she prefer coffee then you’re made aware and can prepare the coffee machine earlier on for their next visit.

Continuous Visits

Let’s say that accountants visit the companies numerous days a week, then they create continuous or recurring visits. The accountant will then be categorized into the ‘expected visitor’ during their usual days of visit.

Synchronized List of Employees

At every check-in, visitors are allowed to pick their host out of all the suggested employees. Always keep the list updated by syncing the employee directory into your account at ProxyClick or by uploading Excel files.

Pre-Register Visitors

Visitors can be pre-registered with the help of the dashboard or the personal calendar. After doing so, guests are able to receive invitation emails and are even included on the visitor list of the day.