Published by Sandra Hook on August 11, 2018

Lionel Messi – One Football’s Greatest Players

Football is the biggest sport in the world so it’s no surprise the football players are among the most famous and highest paid athletes; a bit different from sbobet Indonesia. Lionel Messi is considered as a prodigy in the world of football, earning dozens of awards and titles thanks to his prowess. Fans from all corners of the globe tune in whenever he’s dominating the field, scoring goal after goal towards victory. But where did he begin?

Lionel Messi’s History

Even at a young age Messi would go with his older brothers as they played alongside the other big kids, not really intimidated by how taller and bigger they were compared to him at the time. By the time he was eight, a youth club based in Rosario recruited Messi. Because Messi was undeniably smaller in build compared to other kids under his age group, a trip to the doctor diagnosed him with the hormone deficiency, which caused restriction in growth. It was then that his parents decided on growth hormone injections, but it became impossible after a time because of the sheer expense of the medication every month.

When Messi was 13, he was offered to train under FC Barcelona’s La Masia where the youth academy offered to cover the medical expenses. Accepting the offer meant that his family had to migrate and start a new life in Spain. Even with the initial difficulty, his family went with the decision to establish a new home in a different country. Messi’s first FC Barcelona appearance occurred when he was 16 and by May 2005 he cemented his name in the history books by becoming the younger footballer to score under FC Barcelona. Now, Messi is a huge athletic star with a staggering salary alongside dozens of product endorsement.