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Is Water Molecule A Polar Molecule?

A lot of people are often confused about the question if a water molecule is a polar molecule or not and to understand the answer to the question, we first need to understand “what is polar molecule”? The answer to this question is that the molecule that contains a polar bond due to the difference in the electronegativity between the bonded atoms. So now we know what polar molecule is so we can proceed with the second question and the answer of the second question is that the water molecule is a polar molecule.

The fact that water molecule is a polar molecule makes water a polar solvent and most of us are aware of the shape of the molecule. The shape of the water molecule is a bent shape and that causes the water molecule to exhibit the polarity. Since the water molecule is a polar molecule, the two different charges of the molecule are on the different sides. The positive charge from the hydrogen atoms in concentrated on one end and the negative charges from the oxygen atom is concentrated on the other side. The polar bond makes water molecule a polar molecule.

Since we also discussed that the water is a polar solvent, we would also like to add certain points about the polar solvent. The polar solvent has a large dipole moment and that means that the atoms of the molecules contain different bonds between atoms where the electronegativities are different whereas a non-polar solvent contains the bonds with similar electronegativities. There is also a difference between the solubility of these two different solvents and as a matter of fact, the water is considered to be a universal solvent and the high polarity of the molecules helps in giving the status of a universal solvent to the water.

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