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Is It Legal To Watch Movies Online?

This has been a very controversial issue for as long as I can remember. Most people have no problems watching a live stream or downloading a video with very justifiable reasons which would put your mind at ease, while a lot of others feel there are laws been broken, copyright infringements and the deception of unlicensed distributors.

There is no verifiable law on video streaming and in some countries, copyright laws don’t even exist. This makes it difficult for copyright laws to function in some places.

Some would argue that no movie is ever really free, since you spend a certain amount of MB trying to load or download. This MB is obtained from regular internet subscriptions which all have taxes attached to them… this is a very interesting argument. This doesn’t justify the pirating and illegal distribution of movies which always has a negative effect on revenue generation by the actual movie producers.

Downloading videos and watch movies online as age old tradition and the internet makes for the greater success of piracy. The only probable solution however would be to use the internet in favour of these movie producers in a way that would enable them generate revenue from their ideas and hard work. With this in mind, it is imperative to recognize some perfectly legal sites that stream legal content. This is due to partnership and returns. Sites such as Hulu and Netflix pay dues for all programs they stream and this makes they accredited for distribution of all forms of videos.

There are presently lots of websites that stream videos illegally, we may not be able to differentiate them all but there are clues to ascertain pirated versions of a movie judging from picture quality, feature presentations, unnecessary adverts, and incomplete versions. This however, in my own opinion, doesn’t make viewing an already circulated stream illegal.