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How the Lion Dance is Performed

The Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese performance which usually comprises of two dancers. One dancer is in charge of handling the head of the lion. The lion’s head is usually made of light but strong materials, such as bamboo and paper mache. On the other hand, the second dancer is the one that is behind the body and the tail of the lion. This dancer is the one beneath the cloth, which is attached to the lion’s head.

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Knowing the Lion Dance

A Buddha can also be seen teasing the lion while holding a fan on his hand.  The Budda also accompanies the dancing lion throughout the remainder of the dance. The Buddha is an important figure in the Lion Dance because it symbolizes a temple monk. Temple monks are the ones that train lions. They are also said to be the ones who have started the Lion Dance tradition hundreds of years ago.

Aside from the Buddha, the Lion Dance is also played together with a group of musicians. There are those that play the cymbals, the drum, and the gong. The lion then follows the music with its graceful movements. The music also symbolizes the powerful roar of the lion.

Final Thoughts

The Lion Dance is indeed one of the most popular of all Chinese traditions, together with the other similar Dragon Dance. The two traditional dances are also mistaken to be the same. But whichever the case is, there is really no denying that the Lion Dance is a truly remarkable piece of Chinese culture, that is not only made to entertain, but is also made to showcase how artistic, graceful, and marvelous life really is.

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