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Fun Games To Play During Work Breaktime

While a lot of people opine that playing games at work make you unproductive, studies have suggested otherwise. With that said, a lot of companies are slowly being lenient when it comes to policies on video games, where players are now allowed to play, especially during designated time periods, or whenever they have already achieved the required inputs. If your company is still strict though, and if you want to sneak out from their blockages, then is a great site that you could visit for games that have been unblocked so that you can play them at work. There are a lot of other places on the internet though where you could do so. With that said, what are some of these great arcade games you can play during breaktime?

Daymare Town Series

If you love games that deal with mystery puzzles, then this is the perfect fit for you! It’s got the music, artwork, and graphics that give you the creeps, and would make you want to do the main objective, which is to get out of the town.

Crash Planning

Should your boss be the type to roam around, and check on whether or not you’re actually working, then this is one that you can play without being scolded. This is because it looks just like any other excel spreadsheet, interface-wise. All that you have to do is the align boxes and make them disappear, which is quite similar to tetris.

Trivia Machine

If video game shows are our thing, then Trivia Machine is the perfect one for you. It’s because it gives you the chance to feel like you’re actually in a quiz game, with multiple-choice questions to advance to higher rounds. Different levels of difficulty, as well as different genres can be expected here.