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DreamScape – The Top RuneScape Private Server

RuneScape is an incredibly fun MMORPG where the players use customizable avatars in the game. Players can go around various different cities, kingdoms and regions each with their own unique challenges and monsters. RuneScape doesn’t necessarily follow linear storylines because players essentially set their own objectives and goals. But if you’ve been playing the game for a considerable amount of time, you might want to try something different with RuneScape Servers; you can choose from numerous RSPS Lists.

DreamScape Gambling Server

DreamScape is the top RuneScape private server in thanks to the sheer number of players that voted for the server. DreamScape features a unique Soul Sysstem which actually replaced all the useless drops with particular souls. All players have to do is collect around 200 souls and they can convert it into a boss key; the boss key is used for a special Soul room. The said boss room offers the chests of each and every boss; the key for the boss chess gives players a chance to gain a rare or ultra rare item. Aside from the regular prestige system which reaches up to 30 prestige levels; the slayer prestige system is also unique.

Gambling is part of DreamScape and it hosts Flower Poker, Black Jack, Dice Duel and more; player can choose between an automated and manual system. As for the raids, they offer the OG Dragon, Voldemort and Vendura. The top 3 players will receive a drop and, on the other hand, multi bosses have a shared loot system. If you’re a player that wants items to be as deadly as they’re stylish, DreamScape’s over two thousand customized items is just for you; there are weapons, armors and items available. Since DreamScape also has custom bosses, the bosses also drop customized items.