Published by Sandra Hook on June 16, 2017

Divorce Proceedings? Get A Polygraph

There are a number of cases that could require a polygraph test, but one of the most important proceedings is a divorce proceeding mainly because it’s a tough proceeding for both parties. If you are amid a divorce proceeding and you know that your partner has been unfaithful to you but you have no evidence to prove them wrong you can request the court to get a prueba del poligrafo conducted on him or her to prove your point. 

Most cities in Spain including Malaga ensure that this test can help you to prove your point and it also helps to fast track the proceeding. This also helps you to get the right compensation when you’re right and your partner is wrong. It also helps to win the custody cases in times when you know your partner is not fit to look after the children but you can’t prove it.

Conducting a lie detector test on your family members and friends can prove to be a tricky affair. There are a number of people that get deceived by their own relatives or their best friends. If these people are involved in your business, then you should definitely watch your back because it is better to be safe than sorry. One of the worst things about conducting a lie detector test on your family members is that they will not like being put through something like this if they believe they are innocent. However you need to go with your gut instinct and ensure that the lie detector test is conducted on everyone that you doubt. This way you can eliminate the possibility of doubting a few people when disaster actually strikes. This will also ensure that your family members are at their best behavior when they are dealing with you.

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