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Common Ingredients In Breast Enlargement Pills

If you are on the lookout for pills that you can take in order for you to have larger breasts, then note that there are a lot of brands in the market that you could choose from. With that said, not all of the ones you can buy, however, are effective. Breast enlargement pills are usually a concoction of a variety of plant extracts, touted to increase fat or re-channel its deposition to the breast area. With that said, what are some of the common natural ingredients you can encounter in these products?

Blessed Thistle

A native plant to parts of Asia and Europe, this is touted to aid in more effective blood circulation and better digestion. The reason why it is added to a lot of products is that it is also believed to balance hormonal levels in the body, which eventually would help with breast tissue growth.

Dong Quai

Like the Blessed Thistle, this is also added to a lot of products because of its ability to balance the hormones in the female body. It also mimics progesterone in females, and hence is believed to be an effective aid for growth of breasts.

Fenugreek Extract

This medicinal herb has an ancient history, and is believed to mimic estrogen, as well as increase prolactin levels in the body, hence helps to develop tissues in the breast.

Motherwort Extract

Also known as Mother’s Wart Extract, this is known to stimulate development of bodily tissues, as well as help make blood circulation more effective, and hence works well as an additive for breast enhancement.

Pacific Kelp

This iodine-rich supplement helps with regulating the thyroid gland, counterbalancing the weight gain that is induced by changing of hormones. This effect of Pacific Kelp is the reason why it is often added to breast enhancement products.