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Best Games on PC

PC Games are perhaps in the golden age today. However, it does not or will it ever have games on Nintendo on the leash. It is difficult for console manufacturers to catch up. PC gaming is inflexible in each way, featuring passionately famous exclusives, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Today, almost every game know to people is PC compatible. What is more, you do not even require a long HDMI cable anymore to play PC games in the room. All you need is a fast internet connection.

Destiny 2

Today is the best time to get thrilled for Destiny 2. Well, you could pre-load the entire thing onto the hard drive now. This means that you own basically the game already. For those who do not know about Destiny 2, this is the most expected sequel to the original Halo designer Bungie’s passionately famous MMO-influenced 1st person shooting game.

There is some great news for anyone who did not play the 1st destiny, either because of the dreary story or it was not available on PC. Aside from the fact that it has been confirmed that Destiny 2 is coming to PC on the 24th of October, but as far as story trepidations go, the cinematic lead of Bungie has gone on best saying he hopes gamers will complain about the number of story Destiny 2 has.

Cities: Skylines

This game is SimCity restructured for the modern age. This proves a breath of fresh air for people who want to be a mayor. The main gameplay allows you to dig deep into the different features of operating a rambling virtual town – from micro and macro management to economics and land planning. However, Cities: Skylines actually shines when it comes to modifications. It lets you make custom map, ‘nuff said.